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Bexleys are an expert butcher’s running in five locations across Liverpool and the Merseyside area. Operating on the idea of quality above all else, our experienced teams of butchers source only the finest ethically produced cuts of meat, buying the entire animal so that they can prepare the cuts themselves.

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If you want something done right, do it yourself, and there’s no-one we’d trust more than our butchers to source, buy and prepare the meat we sell to our customers. Whether it’s in deftly slicing up the cuts, seasoning them, perfectly ageing steaks and making more exotic preparations like breading or making sausages, our butchers are craftsmen and are dedicated to providing exactly what the customer wants, with the level of freshness and quality that you deserve.

In addition, all of our suppliers face a rigorous vetting process before they can become approved Bexleys Suppliers. Tested to ensure that their ethics and farming practices match our requirements, as well as for the quality of meat provided, they are then taken on as suppliers whop will work closely with our butchers for the duration of our partnership.

High Quality Catering Services

Our stores also provide professional, high-quality catering services for private and corporate events anywhere in Liverpool, with hot or cold options available and a choice of menus to suit any guest! We have experience with party catering, corporate events catering, buffet catering and funeral catering, so whatever the event you’re throwing, we’ll be able to adapt to your needs and accommodate you. You can choose between the set menus or build your own from scratch, customising it exactly to suit your needs.


We also provide street food for those who need something delicious and wholesome to keep them going during the day, with a huge range of baked goods, sandwiches, drinks and snacks prepared in house with the same care and attention we show to all our products. Whether you fancy a sandwich made with one of our award-winning steaks on artisanal bread, or just a quick and easy freshly baked pasty, all of our street food is as fresh as it gets, hand-made for you and perfect for a lunch on the go!

Wholesale Supply Services

On a grander scale, we can also provide wholesale services to those who need them, and work with several high-quality restaurants across Liverpool to provide the best quality meat for their customers to enjoy. Our wholesale services can accommodate the exact meat cuts, packaging and delivery requirements you want, and we can quickly and effectively deliver meat right to the door of your business. Our sausages are award-winning and our team scour Liverpool and Merseyside looking for the best farms to source from, buying only ethically farmed animals that were raised to an excellent standard and preparing the meat themselves every step of the way. This way, we can be absolutely confident that our customers are getting the best product possible!

Quality Meat

Our business seeks to provide meat with the quality and freshness you demand. Whether you are a business or an individual visiting one of our stores, we pride ourselves on freshness and taste.

We strive wherever we can to be ethical with our offering and supply free-range pork “Happy Anna’s Trotters” and free-range turkey from “Copas“. If you are looking for some of the finest cuts for steak from a butchers Liverpool you can find it at Bexleys. Our beef is also responsible too; sourced from the British Isles including Yorkshire and the Isle of Man. We deliver nationally and supply wholesale to both restaurants and individuals.

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So for a high quality butchers Liverpool, call us or pop into one of our four stores located in Liverpool.

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  1. Phil Murray says:

    Hi I am doing a lot of weight training and require a good bit of protein a day do you or can you do meat packs designed for training.


  2. Jennifer Cousins .cousins@yahoo.com says:

    Can you give me a quote for the following please. Each portion to feed three adults
    5 portions
    4 portions of chicken breast
    1 portion steak
    2 portions of sausages
    2 portion bacon
    1 portion lamb chops
    Joint of lamb for roasting

    I’m looking to order each month
    Thank you

  3. Mike Ashton says:

    I like your savoury cakes with the red batter, how can I buy them without visiting the shop? I live in Wigan


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