Protein Pack




Think of the variety of deliciously meaty meals you can have.



5kg x Chicken Breasts

10 x Pork Centre Cut Steaks

10 x Turkey Escalope

4 x 400g Lean Mince

5 x 300g Beef Steak Strips

3 Packets of Cracked Pepper Chicken Sausages

3 Packets of Dry Cured Turkey Bacon

SKU: protein-pack


This Protein Pack includes 6 different meats. Perfect for making multiple meals at once (if your ahead of the game and want to pre-prep) or for stacking your freezer full because you just love getting a bargain. Get started on your juicy and flavoursome adventure now. It’s great for sharing, or even just a treat for yourself to get leaner & fitter or bigger. You decide.

All our meats are freezer ready so even if you didn’t get round to making those cracked pepper chicken sausages this weekend – don’t worry. You can keep them and have them next week!

Give it a go, and feedback to us what you think!

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