Chocaholic Skinny Spread



94% Less Sugar*


Just 23 calories per 5g serving

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If you have a sweet tooth this is the thing for you!

This Chocaholic Skinny Spread can help keep that sweet tooth at bay when you’re being good. As we all know full well how hard I can be.

How are you going to have it? Drizzled over your slimming world friendly pancakes, in your porridge of a morning or simply just on a spoon? The choice is up to you!

Ingredients & Allergens


Sweeteners: maltitol and steviol glycosides, vegetal oils and fats (palm, sunflower,
soya), hazelnut paste (10%), whole Milk powder, defatted cocoa powder, whey, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, hazelnut flavour, natural vanilla flavour.

Contains: milk, soy, nuts.

Contains sweeteners


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