Skinny Hamper


Hit the ground running with your weight loss goal!



4 x lean boneless pork loin steaks

2 x chicken breast fillets

4 x top rump frying steaks

400g x lean mince (5% fat)

2 x lean steak burgers

Pack of 6 eggs

Skinny Sauce (of your choice)





This Skinny Hamper is great if you’re on a weight loss journey or even just love making homemade meals. This is a great way to start showing of your cooking skills at home whilst keeping your meals extremely healthy. Most of the meat in this hamper is super quick to cook. This is because we know how much of a headache having to stand in the kitchen all night is. 

You can get minimum of 5 meals for 2 out of this hamper, with something new to have every day.

Whether you decide to roast the chicken breasts or fry them in fry light there is no going wrong as all of these meats are extremely lean, fresh cuts from our butchers here at Bexleys.


If you need any help please don’t hesitate to ask


All our meats are freezer ready so even if you didn’t get round to making those burgers this weekend. Don’t worry. You can keep them and have them next week!

Give it a go, and feedback to us what you think!


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