35 Day Aged Steak Pack




Think of the variety of deliciously meaty meals you can have.



2x 16oz Prime T Bones

2x 10oz Prime Sirloins

2x 10oz Prime Rib Eyes,

2x 8oz Prime Fillet Steaks,

4x 8oz Flat Iron Steaks,

4x 8oz Bistro Steaks

SKU: steak-hamper


This 35 Day Aged Steak Pack includes 6 different cuts of steak. Containing 16 fresh prime cuts – yes, 16. Get started on your juicy and flavoursome adventure now – great for sharing, or even just a treat for yourself. Whether it may be that you want to get fitter/leaner or simply just love a good steak!

All our meats are freezer ready so even if you didn’t get round to making those T-Bone Steaks this weekend – don’t worry. You can keep them and have them next week!

Give it a go, and feedback to us what you think!

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>2 x 16 oz Prime T Bones
>2 x 10 oz Prime Sirloins
>2 x 10 oz Prime Rib Eyes
>2 x 8oz Prime Fillet Steaks
>4 x 8 oz Flat Iron Steaks
>4 x 8 oz Bistro Steaks


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