Street Food in Liverpool

Our five Merseyside locations do not just deal in cuts and chops, they also sell a full range of handmade sandwiches, drinks and hot foods that you can eat on the go, to keep our customers going throughout the day!

Our street food menu is a mix of traditional Northern classics with deli all-stars from across the world, and we draw on our experience as caterers to make sure we can cater to any dietary requirements.

With a team of butchers dedicated to sourcing our cuts, and with a responsibility to find high-quality meat to prepare in-store, we can guarantee that the ingredients in your sandwich, your pasty or your pie will be outstanding. We only use meat cut and prepared right there in the store, and our staff are experts in seasoning and cooking it to perfection, so that even though the customer is grabbing a sandwich or a pie on the go, they’re getting something really amazing.

Our range of sandwiches is made on a selection of artisanal breads and includes everything from simple, hearty barms to pulled pork brioche rolls and New-York-style medium-rare steak sandwiches on fresh baguettes.

All of our sandwiches are crafted right there in front of you, and also include locally sourced vegetables, handmade dressings and freshly baked local breads. Just like those sandwiches, our pies and pasties are made and baked in-store, using only local ingredients prepared by our butchers. These pies and pasties can be served cold or heated to give you something warming and satisfying to tuck into as you go, perfect for cold mornings or long days.

Our Street Food is Sourced From Across the Globe

On top of our sandwiches, pies and pasties, we also offer a range of other street food in Liverpool which is sourced from around the world, including noodle dishes and rice pots from China, Thailand and India, a range of drinks and snacks that will round out a perfect lunch, or simply give you something smaller to tuck in to! The drinks include a selection of chilled soft drinks, chosen to complement our street food selection perfectly. There’s just something amazing about getting stuck in to a hot steak sandwich on fresh bread and following it with a cold drink – but don’t take our word for it. Head into one of our stores and see for yourself.


Get Your Street Food

One of the reasons we opted to sell street is not only its rising popularity in today’s climate, is also because of how convenient it is to eat on the go. We love how we can bring fresh yet interesting and new ingredients and incorporate them into our menu, which can then be enjoyed in the everyday lives of our customers. If you fancy something different from your usual sandwich at lunch, then our menu is the perfect lunchtime alternative, with plenty to choose from. Why not try the Bexley’s Chilli Dog, our world famous sausages smothered in pulled chilli beef and cheddar cheese, served in the best brioche bun in Liverpool! If you want to keep it traditional but spice it up slightly, we have the perfect take on a sausage roll with a difference, sausage meat with cheddar and chorizo, definitely a lunchtime treat worth having. Fancy a kebab but want one that you know is made with honest and fresh ingredients? We serve marinated grilled chicken skewers with house rice in a fresh pitta bread to satisfy your cravings. Feeling healthy? We now serve fresh salad boxes that include a great range of superfoods, both meat and vegetarian options, to give you that afternoon boost. Salads of the day can be found on our daily specials board and are guaranteed to make your mouth water! Pop in to grab yours and watch it be freshly prepared or feel free to ring ahead and we will have your order ready and waiting for when you pick it up.

Events Catering

Street food at an event can bring a really unique feel to the entire thing, providing a delicious, wholesome catering solution to your guests, while keeping a down-to-earth, familiar feel to things. Often, a cordon-bleu restaurant isn’t what’s needed at an event, and neither the guests nor the theme will thank you for it, but a selection of amazing Liverpool street food, including hand-made sandwiches, freshly-baked pies and pasties, noodles and rice pots, chilli dogs, burgers and sausage rolls? That’s guaranteed to impress. All of our street food is made with only high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, prepared by our expert Bexley butchers and cooked by bakers and chefs on our premises every day, meaning you can be sure that what you’re eating is fresh, local and high-quality. At Bexleys, we want to serve the best food, and that means using the best ingredients.

Wherever and whatever your event is in Liverpool or Merseyside, Bexleys can provide a mouthwatering selection of street food to you and your guests. We’re able to deliver all the food to the venue, and should be able to provide a few expert members of staff to make sure your event goes smoothly and the food hits the spot.

If you’re interested in events catering form Bexleys Street Foods, you can get in touch by calling our contact telephone number, 0151 254 2227This number is open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, so make sure to give it a call during those hours to make your booking.

If that doesn’t work, you can also get in touch by email, on our email address These contact methods among others are listed on our  Contact Pagealong with a contact form that allows quick, easy communication with our team. They’ll get back to you as quickly as they can to arrange the time, date and specifics of the event, and will help you every step of the way to make sure it runs smoothly and the food is a hit!