Sourcing Quality…

To consistently deliver award winning, great tasting meat, we assess farms within the British Isles that ethically raise and rear animals to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on sourcing and selecting the very finest quality meats to use in all our products from our hampers to our sausages to our street food and everything else in between, our suppliers have all gone through a thorough and rigorous process to become an approved Bexleys supplier.

We don’t buy cuts, we buy whole carcasses and our team of expert butchers treat, work and prepare the meat to ensure tender tasty cuts to not only our customers but to yours too.

Our experts use years of experience to apply the finest international cutting techniques to all the meats they prepare. In-store we offer the finest quality cuts, we’re also able to work directly with our customers to offer specific cuts or bespoke treatments such as mature aged and cured meats.