We work closely with chefs and clients to ensure reliability, freshness and quality. All of our meat is prepared in a temperature controlled, secure facility complete with thorough food safety management procedures in compliance with HACCP. Through the rigorous process we adopt to source suppliers we can guarantee a full transparent traceable supply chain.

We’re delighted that our clients and chefs are happy to endorse Bexleys. We invited them to share their experiences and perspectives of what it means to work with us. So please, take some time to read some of their comments below:

What our customers say

Our careful sourcing process has been developed over many years to identify the best producers and suppliers both locally and from around the UK. We build long lasting working relationships with them using our combined expertise and experience to ensure the produce is delivered to us at the highest of standards.Our strong ties with our customers allow us to work closely with chefs to develop unique products which fit their exact specifications. With one of our customers we have created an exclusive sensational breakfast sausage which has received the highest accolades.

Customer confidence is of vital importance to us and our commitment to safety, quality and accountability ensures total satisfaction for all customers.

Only the very best quality meat and poultry with ‘farm to fork’ traceability of beef, lamb, pork and poultry is provided, so our meat not only tastes great, it ensures the highest traceability standards. We not only know exactly where our products were born, reared and slaughtered we also know precisely where every gram has been delivered so whatever you order from us be that anything from a Christmas hamper to our street food range you can rest assured that the quality of our food comes guaranteed.

Wholesale Butchers

If your pub, hotel, restaurant or eating establishment wants to get ahead of the competition why not consider using Bexley’s wholesale supply service?

  • We can supply all your meat needs quickly and efficiently.
  • We have over ten years experience in making traditional hand made sausages and can happily accommodate new sausage recipes exclusively for your business.
  • We will accommodate the exact meat cuts, packaging and deliveries that suit you and your business.
  • We can deliver your meat direct to your business.

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